At Cash4Less, we are committed to being the lowest cost financial service provider... PERIOD! Our primary goal is to provide clients with a lower rate than other providers while maintaining exemplary customer service. Cash4Less is intended to meet the needs of many clients who are not able to receive service or prefer not to receive service from traditional financial institutions. A retail, financial outlet like Cash4Less is a valuable asset to the community in terms of the specialized service to clients and the opportunities that will be afforded to staff.


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Money Cash4Payday Why Pay More?? Cash4Less is the lowest cost payday loan provider in Halifax.
puppymoneyCash&Pawn4Gold Turn your unwanted gold into cash by selling your items outright or getting a 30 day loan

Chq Cash4Cheques No need to wait for your cheque to clear though the bank!

Western Union Western Union Wire money worldwide in minutes!